Stepping Up | Sarah Turner

Stepping Up 

Beth has never stuck at anything. She's quit more jobs and relationships than she can remember and she still sleeps in her childhood bedroom. It's not that she hasn't tried to grow up, it's just that so far, the only commitment she's held down is Friday drinks at the village pub. Then, in the space of a morning, her world changes. An unspeakable tragedy turns Beth's life upside down, and she finds herself guardian to her teenage niece and toddler nephew, catapulted into an unfamiliar world of bedtime stories, parents' evenings and cuddly elephants. Having never been responsible for anyone - or anything - it's not long before she feels seriously out of her depth. What if she's simply not up to the job? With a little help from her best friend Jory (purely platonic, of course ...) and her lovely, lonely next-door neighbour, Albert, Beth is determined that this time she's not giving up. It's time to step up.

Stepping Up | Sarah Turner
Stepping Up | Sarah Turner
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Sarah Turner lives in Exeter with her husband, three sons and Frankie the cat.


She dabbled in careers in finance and higher education before a warts and all parenting blog she started to let off steam gathered unexpected momentum and writing became her full-time job. She has since written four Sunday Times bestsellers: The Unmumsy Mum, The Unmumsy Mum Diary, The Unmumsy Mum A-Z and her debut novel, Stepping Up, which was a Richard & Judy Book Club pick. She is currently working on novel two. 



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